READ ME: How to upload charts and post!

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READ ME: How to upload charts and post!

Postby markelshark » Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:21 pm

The two best things about a forum are 1) ability to have ongoing conversations about a topic and 2) ability to upload your charts so everyone can see what you are looking at. This post will go over how to start conversations and how to upload your charts to those topics.

For most of you, posting in forums is nothing new and this article will be overkill for you. But I wanted to cover all the bases. The only real tricky stepping is #4, where you save your chart as a file on your computer BEFORE you upload it. Once you get that down you are homefree!

:arrow: 1. Log in /Register! Before you begin, make sure that you are registered and logged in to this forum! Click here to login/register. It's free!

:arrow: 2. Select your category
After you are logged in and registered (see above) you can begin starting new topics and uploading charts. You first need to decide which category you want to post under. There are only a few categories currently: General Discussion, Expert Advisors for MT4, Trading Systems and Trading Journals. Select the one that best fits your topic. If you are not sure, go with "General Discussion".

Selecting a category

:arrow: 3. Select "New Topic"
After selecting your category click "New Topic" in the upper left. If you are not logged in or registered then you will NOT see this. Here is what you should see if you are logged in and have a category selected:

Start a new topic

:arrow: 4. Enter your message
Click on "New Topic" and it will bring up where you can enter your post. It is just like posting a comment or posting on any other forum but in case your completely new to this here is a screenshot of what you are looking at:

Enter your message/subject

:arrow: 5. Save your chart to your computer
After you type your subject and message, now comes the chart upload! First, you have to save the chart image to your computer before uploading. There are lot of different ways to do this. In MT4 you can right-click and just save the image. For those using windows you can use "print-screen" and save the image in any image editor. I prefer a program called "Gadwin PrintScreen" which is free and can be found here. Save the file somewhere you will remember where it is, like your desktop.

:arrow: 5) Upload your chart
On the bottom of the post screen you will see an "Upload Attachment" button, click this and you will see the following options. Simply select "Browse", browse to the file you saved above and then click "add file". Voila! Your post will now show the chart you uploaded. After you click "submit" everyone will be able to see and comment on your chart. You can also click "preview" to see what you post will look like before you post it!

Upload your file
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Happy pipping!
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