These are the results from our PRO Daily Analysis, which includes EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, and USDJPY.

Performance Details for All Pairs (2012-02-08 to 2015-11-10)

Total since 2012-02-08:5904 pips
30 day average:129 pips
Biggest Win: 140 pips
Biggest Loss: -100 pips
February 2012664 pips
March 2012755 pips
April 2012297 pips
May 2012182 pips
June 2012466 pips
July 2012425 pips
August 2012154 pips
September 2012312 pips
October 2012356 pips
November 2012-42 pips
December 2012322 pips
January 2013479 pips
February 2013169 pips
March 2013394 pips
April 2013183 pips
May 201314 pips
June 2013-160 pips
July 2013210 pips
August 201349 pips
September 2013-236 pips
October 201312 pips
November 201368 pips
December 2013-61 pips
January 201467 pips
February 2014-22 pips
March 2014147 pips
April 2014-1 pips
May 2014-86 pips
June 2014152 pips
July 201425 pips
August 2014-12 pips
September 201488 pips
October 2014142 pips
November 201415 pips
December 2014-108 pips
January 201592 pips
February 2015195 pips
March 2015100 pips
April 2015100 pips
July 2015-179 pips
August 2015-35 pips
September 2015147 pips
October 201565 pips
November 20150 pips

Results start in 2012 (though we have many members from our launch in 2008) because that is when we started SwingPRO, before that it was just free EU analysis and CandlePRO. While we strive to make our analysis as easy and useful for you as possible your results may be better significantly better or worse depdending on a variety of conditions outside of our control such as your broker, price spreads/commissions, market liquidity, your ability to enter/exit trades in a timely fashion, your skill and knowledge as a trader, etc.