Should I buy/sell right now? Is EUR/USD going up/down next?

We would love to help everyone that we can.

Unfortunately due to time constraints, the vagueness of a lot of these questions and the volume of emails we get every day there is no way we can answer them, and as a blanket rule we will not respond to any emails, messages, or tickets that ask questions like these.

Read the signals carefully. Usually all the information you need is in there in the "daily analysis" and the "trading idea". If you need help reading the signals have a look at the READ ME: Using PipHut's Free Forex Signals or ask a fellow PipHutter for assistance.

We have no problem if you ask other traders these questions - but don't expect an official answer from PipHut :).

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  1. rajesh ranjan
    June 14, 2010 at 02:31Reply

    how can i calculate the candle sticks plz suggest me , which chart i have to follow 1min,15min or 1 hr , and how?

    waiting for your kind reply

  2. Senthilnathan
    August 18, 2010 at 17:08Reply

    Iam loosing lot of my trades can u please help me if u then wil give u some shares for sure, If u really can take it as challenge. My equity is $1325.00 and i have deposited $3900.00. see my lossess.iam sure u cant

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