Journal your CP trades!

You now have the ability to save signals, enter notes and view the performance of those signals!

PRO TIP:Perhaps the best thing about this, besides making it easier to keep track of your strategies and formations you are watching, is that when you review your trades the 10-candle profit and loss numbers will automatically be filled in according to the 10-candle strategy! Take a peak at what your "My Saved Signals" section will look like after you start using it:

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This is basically like having a mentor sit down with you and review your trades, saying "your stop-loss should have been here, and your TP should have been here", all automatically! This is also great for back-testing as you can save old signals according to the strategy you are testing and then tally the results in the "My Saved Signals" section.

How to Save a Signal / Enter Journal Notes

To save any signal from the search results page click on the "Performance Report", enter your Save notes in the bottom of the performance report and then click "Save". That's it! From the top of the performance report page you can also click the "Save this signal" button to jump to the bottom if you don't want to scroll.

Here is what the "Save this signal" button looks like on the performance report:

To view your saved signals simply click the "My Saved Signals icon in the top left of the CandlePro nav:

This will bring up a list of all your saved signals!

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