CandlePRO Feature Development and Survey Results

Hi PipHutters,

Thanks to everyone who completed the recent survey on the future of CandlePRO feature development! Just to remind everyone, I made a pitch for a candlesticks "influence" in the survey email:

Before you take the survey, let me make a pitch for a particular feature that I want to see for a strategy I've been using - the ability to gauge the "influence" of a particular candle. What do I mean by that?
Well, every time I go into CandlePRO and select a signal, I immediately select "TP/SL" and then "Test your own TP/SL." From there I put in 1000 for the TP, 1000 for the SL and 0 for the pullback. This tells me the average profitability of a candle over 10 candles since neither the TP or SL is hit in this scenario. Then I start dropping the TP and SL down to find the edges of the candle pattern's "range of influence" to help me better find a suitable TP and SL.
This strategy has worked well for me, but I'd like to see the whole thing automated because, quite frankly, it would save me a lot of time! And obviously if the strategy was automated you could use it too  :).
And here are the results from the survey:
CandlePRO Feature Survey

CandlePRO Feature Survey

So it looks like my pitch worked - the ability to gauge a candlestick signal's influence was the clear winner, followed by the tp/sl/entry information with alerts, mt4 automation and easier strategy setup in lockstep.

We'll do some internal planning this week and I'll get back to everyone with the development timeline. Most likely we will start development on the top three features next week!



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