CandlePRO Contest Update!

Hi PipHutters!

We moved offices at the end of last week and our CandlePRO contest got a bit lost in the mix, but we haven't forgotten about it! Some quick stats so far: 1,764 strategies have been put through the Oreo Backtester and, of those, 708 have a profit factor greater than or equal to 2.0 or have netted at least 400 pips!

While that seems like a pretty high percentage, the truth is that a lot of the profitable strategies are variations of each other. For example if someone discovers that going long on a Three Outside Down with a TP of 50 and a SL of 80 nets 1454 pips, then it is logical to try a TP of 60 pips and so on, resulting in a lot of similar strategies.

Here is the Top Three Leaderboard:

Rank User Profitable Strategies Discovered
1 minka 47
2 SantosB 31
3 Cadtek 24


Because we promised a leader board late last week and are just not getting it up we are extending the deadline of the contest to this Friday, May 30th! As a reminder the PipHutter with the most "profitable" strategies (profit factor of at least 2 or at least 400 pips) after May 30th (midnight EST) gets a free month of membership!


You can check the number of contest points you have by going to your PRO Dashboard, selecting the "Settings" tab. You can also view all the profitable strategies users have discovered by visiting the "Strategy Library" tab of the new Oreo Dashboard!

Happy pipping, and congrats to @minka, @santosb, and @cadtek for rounding out the top three!



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