Free Forex Signals – Bulls Keep Pushing Above 1.1220

EURUSD Daily Analysis: EURUSD hasn't moved much recently, hence our lack of updates, but USDCHF continues to do well netting us 200 pips in the past 8 days. We will be looking to buy into EURUSD dips today, however, as the continued bullish momentum in heavy volume conditions has created a decent reward/risk setup for us (seeking 100 pips, risking 35). 1.1220 is our key pivot - we remain bullish above this level with a short-term target of 1.1350.

4h Chart

Our Preferred Trades*: We are setting a buy limit at 1.1250, SL @ 1.1215, TP @ 1.1350.

Long-term Trend Analysis Chart

Yesterday's EURUSD SwingPRO Signal Result: No trades to report on.

Today's SwingPRO Signal: See preferred trades above.

*CandlePRO: CandlePRO can be used in conjunction with our daily analysis and "our preferred trades." For example, if we prefer "going short" or "selling a rally" then we would look for bearish candlestick signals after a rally or near resistance levels. Alternative if we prefer "going long" or "buying a dip" then we would look for bullish candlestick signals on price drops or near support levels.

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