Free Forex Signals – EURUSD Continues to Tighten Above 1.12

EURUSD Daily Analysis: EURUSD has been in a tightening consolidation triangle since late August's high above 1.17, with 1.11 providing long-term support. In the intraday picture we are short-term bullish above 1.12, which we expect to provide support over the next few days. Our weekly target remains at 1.1350.

4h Chart

Our Preferred Trades*: We are looking to get long on a dip toward that 1.12 support, but will wait for a confirmation signal (e.g. bullish candlestick). Alerts will be sent out to PRO members if that setup is triggered.

Long-term Trend Analysis Chart

Yesterday's EURUSD SwingPRO Signal Result: No trades to report on.

Today's SwingPRO Signal: See preferred setups above.

*CandlePRO: CandlePRO can be used in conjunction with our daily analysis and "our preferred trades." For example, if we prefer "going short" or "selling a rally" then we would look for bearish candlestick signals after a rally or near resistance levels. Alternative if we prefer "going long" or "buying a dip" then we would look for bullish candlestick signals on price drops or near support levels.

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  1. Profile photo of izuchukwu
    October 8, 2015 at 08:47Reply

    Hi guys much uncertainty in the dollar trade has made market for me abit confused…well let’s see what FOMC has in store for investors willing to buy the dollar as that is the main indicator for me on trades..having said that the dollar perfor

  2. Profile photo of izuchukwu
    October 8, 2015 at 08:52Reply

    My mistake on last post submission… Either ways…low trades for me now until…am sure of the dollar condition.. Dollar disappointing moves this week are having effect on usd/cad. Aud ..Nzd etc breaking all resistance and support levels…take care guys

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