False break alerts are the best way to minimize your losses when swing trading.

Our "false break" rule can be understood as "if our trade is in the negative when the entry candle closes it is a false break". For example if we enter short @ 1.25 at 11:32, then at 12:00 (when entry candle closes, in this case the 4h entry candle opened at 8:00) price is above 1.25 then it is a false break.

PipHut PRO automatically detects and alerts you when false breaks occur. To make sure your false break alerts are active check the false break alert checkbox as shown in the screenshot below. This checkbox can be found on the "Settings" tab of your PRO Dashboard.

Here is an example of a false break alert:

GBPUSD Update: We are closing our long on the false break alert at 1.56968 for -11.7 pips.

Trade Details
Open Time: 2013-06-13 15:04:12
Open Price: 1.57085

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