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    X alert Documentation

    Settings explained

    RunIntervalSeconds: The sound alert interval incase there is a cross in the current bar.
    MA1/MA2_Period: The periods for the respective moving averages
    MA1/MA2_Shift: Moving average shift settings
    MA1/MA2_method: Moving average methods. Set:
    0 for Simple moving average,
    1 for Exponential moving average,
    2 for Smoothed moving average,
    3 for Linear weighted moving average.
    MA1/MA2_AppliedPrice: The applied prices for the two moving averages. Set:
    0 for Close price,
    1 for Open price,
    2 for High price,
    3 for Low price,
    4 for Median price, (high+low)/2,
    5 for Typical price, (high+low+close)/3,
    6 for Weighted close price, (high+low+close+close)/4.

    Simply download X trail 2 and transfer(copy and paste) it to My computer —> Program Files —-> MetaTrader —> experts.
    Open meta trader and in the expert advisors list you should see the version of psar bug you downloaded. Right click on it and attach it to the chart you want.
    A window will appear to customise settings.

    What are the best settings? Use your meta trader strategy tester to find the optimum setting for your broker. If you dont know how please learn in your meta trader help option or anywhere in the internet.
    Do i have to attach Moving average indicator to the chart? Absolutely not. X trail is designed to work by itself.

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    PipHut Team

    Hi Buzzbart, thanks for posting. Is this an EA that you have been using with success? PipHutters are always curious about personal accounts.

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    Yes it works well the v2 with the best averages.

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    Hi Buzzbart,
    Thnx for sharing this EA, but please post also a backtest result or your MyFxBook link :)


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    I use sma10-sma20 H1; sma7-sma21 Daily

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    FX Mantra H1 & LT

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    How to use the system for effective trading :-
    We have included H1 and LT system. H1 system named as FX MANTRA H1 Pro traders tool and LT system named as LEANER TRADING TOOL. H1 system is very much useful and the main system for trading for profit. LT system ensures longer trends to ride for profit. The main attractive features of the tools are the ranging effect discovery. With these tools a trader can easily identify the ranges and breakouts with no repaints.
    Look at the chart below:-
    The FX Mantra H1 tool provides 2 MA lines. When the GREEN line crosses over the RED line, the trader should go for buy until both of the MA lines get closer. Please use H1 timeframe for this kind of trade.
    LT tool is all about more ensuring result. Use LT tool for ensuring a highly profitable 100+ pips trade. Let us take a clean look at the chart
    As we can see on the picture above when 3 of the MA lines crossed then a new trend is ensured. And as H1 tool when the BLUE line is over the PURPLE and RED line go for a BUY order. Remember this tool is only for day, weekly and monthly traders. It ensures greater profit accesiblity.
    SPECIAL NOTE :- H1 method provides good data and signal for H1-D1 traders. It provides a massive signal of BUY and SELL. Anyone can use H1 Pro tool for maximizing their profit. BUT LT method is quite different in mechanism, LT method should be used for ENSURING TREND for LONG TERM TRADES. If you are a scalper, or a seasoned trader please use H1 tool for trading and LT tool for ensuring the trend. When you are trading with more than $2000 and going for a trade which will last for 1 week or more then

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    X trader v2
    Author: tonny (2013.02.19 09:20)
    Rating: 5.5
    Downloaded: 13997
    X trader v2.mq4 (5.1 Kb) View

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