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    Jens Erik Skipper

    This is just a generel warning. When you are going to choose a broker for your forex trading, then I can tell, that I have provided Saxo Bank in Denmark a very LARGE profit in spreads in 5 years scalping trading. They absolutely don’t care about that. They took me to lawsuit because the balance in the account ended up in a smaller “red” amount compared to the big profits they got from me. The didn’t follow the rules for Visa cards and a bigger transfer than the rules allowed ended up in losses and they didn’t take ANY responsibility. They got bigger earnings for they bigger transfer than allowed but wouldn’t take ANY loss from it at all and their business rules saved them so that I also had to pay for all that.

    Therefore .. don’t use SAXO BANK. They don’t deserve spreads from your hard earned money and they treats people as a nobody.


    A forex trader that learned it the hard way.

    I now trade very small amounts with a respectable broker and plan to earn all the losses in again the hard way with small leverage over more years wilth hard work.

    Wishing good trading.

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