To receive CandlePRO signals and track the performance of your CandlePRO strategies, all you need to do is add active strategies to your dashboard.

Below is a detailed explanation of how to find, add, and trade CandlePRO strategies. You can also view our on-screen tour at your CandlePRO dashboard.




Step 1: Find CandlePRO Strategies

The first step to successfully trading candlestick signals is, of course, to find a successful candlestick strategy. CandlePRO makes this easy, providing you with ready-to-go strategies from both the staff and other users:


Staff and User Strategies

  • Staff Strategies - we keep a well-manicured list of strategies (aka "Staff Strategies" or "staff picks") that you can add to your own dashboard. To view them, simply select the tab "Staff Strategies" tab (located in the Staff Dashboard) to see both our active and inactive strategies.
  • User Strategies - you can also view other user's strategies, both active and inactive, under the "User Strategies" tab of either the Staff Dashboard or your CandlePRO Dashboard.


Of course, you can still backtest and develop your own original strategies "on the fly" from live candlestick signals in the "CandlePRO Detector" tab of your PRO Dashboard as well:


CandlePRO v5 Detector




Step 2: Add Strategies to your CandlePRO Dashboard

Once you have found a strategy you wish to trade, simply click the "Save as New Strategy" button on any Strategy Backtester page (previously called "Oreo Chart Sandbox"):


Save strategy to your dashboard


For staff and user strategies, you can get to the Strategy Backtester page by selecting "view" or "edit/add" in the "actions" column of any strategy:

"View" Strategy Backtester Page

"View" Strategy Backtester Page

If you are in CandlePRO Detector, simply select "Test it!", modify your strategy inputs in the 'detailed backtesting" tab and then select "Backtest it!" to get to the Strategy Backtester page:

Detector Backesting

Detector Backesting

Note: When you add a new strategy you can choose to activate immediately. This allows you to trade and track the performance of that strategy (recommended). If you just wish to save a strategy for later review but don't wish to trade or track it, save it as inactive. You can always activate or deactivate strategies later from your CandlePRO Dashboard.




Step 3: Trade and Track Performance

Once an active strategy has been added to your dashboard you are done! You will begin receiving trade alerts when signals are detected, and the performance of that strategy will be automatically tracked from your CandlePRO Dashboard!


Sample Trade Alert

Sample Trade Alert


CandlePRO Dashboard

CandlePRO Dashboard