Smartphone and desktop alerts through Gmail are a great, and in many cases a better, alternative to our SMS alerts - especially if your carrier is not supported or you want desktop alerts.

This tutorial will walk you though the four simple steps necessary to setup a free Gmail account to receive PipHut's signals, and also how to receive our alerts on your smartphone or computer using Gmail. We recommend Gmail because of their lightning fast signal reception rate (alerts show up in inbox after a few seconds!) and their support of many different smartphone devices and desktop Operating Systems.

If you have a smartphone then setting up alerts through a separate Gmail account offers you several benefits, including near-instant alert notifications, audible desktop alerts, smartphone notifications and no SMS fees.

Step 1: Create Free Gmail Account

Click Here

Gmail is free, fast and secure.

Step 2: Download Smartphone App

Click Here

Supported Smartphones: Android, iOS devices, Blackberry, Windows, more

Step 3: Download Desktop App

Click Here

Supported Operating Systems: Windows and Mac OS X

Step 4: Change your PipHut alert address

Click Here

Enter your new Gmail address as your PipHut PRO alert address

That's it! Once you're done you can modify your PRO alert settings or modify your gmail alert settings as you please!

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