This example assumes you've already read the article on swing trading and know all about bounces and breaks. If not, click here to read it first!

Swing trading is powerful trading strategy based on the market\'s natural tendency to trend, and our SwingPRO tool makes it an easy strategy to follow. Here is a real example of what you see when you read the Daily Analysis for a pair:

Primary trade is a short on a support break with TP at 80 pips, SL at 50 pips.

So, in other words, we are looking to get short with a TP at 80 pips, SL at 50 pips (as always) if we receive a support break alert. Sure enough, a few hour laters PRO users received this alert when the support break occurred:

PRO Alert
Type: Support break
S/R Level: 1.3175
Alert Price: 1.3165 <-- current price (our entry price)
Alert Time: 2012-01-31 08:17:03 <-- current time (emails go out within seconds)

The result: 80+ pips