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Forex Basics

Strategy, Backtesting, Alert Setup


This first learning module is meant to be a general, “getting started” course for traders – if you have been trading for awhile then a lot of this will be review, but you NEED to skim through and then take the QUIZ to test your knowledge! We also recommend taking the quiz BEFORE you start so you can test your knowledge before you start – don’t worry – you can take it multiple times!

CandlePRO video

Course Title: CandlePRO

Strategy, Backtesting, Alert Setup


CandlePRO, 10-Candle Strategy, Strategy Creation with Backtesting and Alert Setup. As always, we recommend taking the quiz BEFORE you watch the videos and read the material. You can then take it again after you are done and compare your results!

Over the years PipHut has accumulated a lot of different help topics, glossary items, strategy articles etc. and for the first time you can find the best of these articles below. These articles span everything from “what is a pip” to “7 Tips to Improve your Trading” all the way to more advanced CandlePro strategies.

If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to add your comment or question at the bottom of any page!

Basic - Forex Fundamentals

Intermediate - CandlePro

  • CandlePro User Guide
  • CP Strategies Part 1
    • Introduction
    • Forex Strategies 101
    • 5 Necessary Components of a Successful Strategy
  • CP Strategies Part 2
    • Creating a strategy for you
    • Fundamental steps of your strategy
    • Strategy: High Forecast Strength
    • Strategy: High Reward/Risk
    • Strategy: Trend Trading
    • Strategy: Pullbacks

Advanced - CandlePro

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