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PipHut PRO is packed full of powerful features designed to give you every edge possible in the forex markets. Part forex signals, part trading strategy, part community and a whole lot more, PipHut is the fastest away to get going where you want to go in the forex world.

How Does it Work?

SwingPRO, the name of our online swing trading software that intelligently decides which breaks are high-probability setups and alerts you to them, will be your new best friend.

We give you which swing setups we would trade each day in our daily analysis, for five major pairs (see list below), and then alert you when those trades are triggered.

  • Over 12,000 daily readers
  • Over 3600 pips in 2012
  • Email and SMS alerts when setups are triggered
  • 24 hour email support


Exactly what I needed! I paid for my “Tuition Fee” on my first night. Great site and crowd you have here!

Brandon W.
Member since 2009

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