• SwingPRO Forecast and Daily Analysis

    Your Daily Analysis dashboard (also known as the SwingPRO Forecast) is where we recap any trades that we took the previous day and explain which swing setups we are looking for today. Daily Analysis comes out between 5a-7a UTC, before … Continue reading

  • SwingPRO Forecast vs. Reality

    After we publish our SwingPRO forecast in the Daily Analysis, you can view our swing forecast chart next to a live chart, and also view a list of any swing alerts that have been sent out. You can receive these … Continue reading

  • SwingPRO Trade Example

    Here you can see our SwingPRO forecast chart vs. the updated chart (with all of our support and resistance lines). You can also see the alert that was sent out at the bottom. You will be able to view this … Continue reading

  • SwingPRO Trade Example

    Another trade example illustrating the swing trading style: in this case when support is broken we took a short position which hit all targets for 80 pips (though the drop was 100+ pips). SwingPRO intelligently analyzes the break and determines … Continue reading

  • CandlePRO Candlestick Software

    CandlePRO started with a very simple question: how profitable are candlestick signals, those signals that so many traders swear by. Your CandlePRO software will automatically detect high probability candlestick signals (dojis, hammers, shooting starts, many more..), intelligently classify them according … Continue reading

  • CandlePRO TP, SL and Entry

    After CandlePRO has intelligently tested various TP and SL values against years of historical data, it gives you the TP, SL, Entry with the highest probability of profit and graphs out how those values would have performed over the last … Continue reading

  • Candlestick trading with CandlePRO

    CandlePRO makes candlestick trading fun and easy to learn.Candlesticks are one of the oldest forms of technical trading, dating back to the Japanese rice markets of the 15th century. Every serious trader is at least aware of them, and the … Continue reading

  • CandlePRO Journal

    Save CandlePRO signals in your journal, where our software will track the performance of that signal and you can save your notes. Journalling your trades is a great way to improve your candlestick trading.

  • Settings

    Here you can change where you receive your alerts (including getting SMS alerts), change which SwingPRO or CandlePRO alerts you receive and more.

  • False Break alerts

    False breaks are a key part of SwingPRO's stop-loss intelligence - SwingPRO will automatically detect if one of our swing "breaks" is weak and send out an alert so we can can close our trade. This close intelligence helps to … Continue reading