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PipHut has many fans across the globe after 5+ years in the forex industry. Many of our customers and readers (over 15,000 daily readers and counting) have been with us since the beginning in 2008 and we'd like you to be the next community member. Read a few of the quotes that we have appreciated the most over the years. This is by no means our complete list of testimonials (we literally have hundreds), but are just a few that we feel best encapsulate what you can expect as a PipHutter:

A big thanks - you made me over £700 this week, great work, keep it up :-). I'm so glad I signed up with you guys!

Alex S.

Your system is excellent, as is the support provided and I and will certainly recommend it to others who are interested in Forex trading.

It is by far the best system of its kind that I have experienced.

Martin T.

What I really like about Piphut is that I do not feel alone anymore….I’ve got friends around the clock:) It’s all about sharing, trying to motivate someone who landed in a pickle & asking and giving advise.

Hendrik T.
Member since 2008

This is a place where every beginner should be. Your EU analysis alone is enough to take me home. My line is just broken, and am in for 90 pips Long. Thanks!

Jacob A.
Member since 2010

You folks at PipHut, as well as some of the members comments have been such a tremendous help in my gleaning a true depth of education in Forex trading. Thank you all so very much. You make me feel as if I’m connected to a truly caring community.

Isaac L.
Member since 20012

Another great week of "piphutting". Thank you this great site and PRO. My account keeps growing every week!

Rick Y.
Member since 2009

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for your hard work in creating this PipHut community. I have learned a lot from here and I just love it.

Thitima P.
Member since 2010

I’ve had a rocky ride trying to trade the forex but PipHut is now giving me the confidence I needed to keep going and not to give up.

Stephen T.
Member since 2009

I joined PipHut a few years ago… PipHut has never ceased to amaze me! I really am impressed with the signals and I always use them as an indication of high yielding trades before commencing. I would certainly recommend them to the experienced trader as well as the beginner seeking to expand their knowledge base. Thanks a lot!

Nigredo M.
Member since 2009

This will always be my first home when I think of the forex market. I remember barely even having a clue what technical analysis was but Piphut has changed that over the years. Thank you PipHut!!

Donmar A.
Member since 2008

I think trust is far better than love in a way…I love piphut but trusting you and your email tips have really stepped up my game, big time. Gracia!

Chuka N.
Member since 2008

Exactly what I needed! I paid for my “Tuition Fee” on my first night. Great site and crowd you have here!

Brandon W.
Member since 2009

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