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Title Description Trade Date Pair/Symbol Day of week Result (pips)
Ascending Triangle Long

Here we have an ascending triangle after a nice bullish flag pole. We did not draw the bottom part of the pattern as we were only looking to get long in the forecasted direction of the ascending triangle pattern. Continue reading

2013/03/26 USDCHF Tuesday 16
Bullish Pennant Formation

A pennant formation is a continuation pattern with converging support and resistance lines. Here we see a bullish pennant formation where we only looked to trade a resistance break. Continue reading

2013/01/29 EURUSD Tuesday 80
Ascending Triangle

Ascending Triangles are characterized by a horizontal resistance and a rising support and are considered bullish continuation patterns. In this example we also traded the rising support as it was a solid long-term support in it’s own right and the trade paid off. Continue reading

2012/04/03 EURUSD Tuesday 95
Bullish Flag Pattern

Well, the tite says it all: in this trade we had a long-term rising support, and a falling resistance (which we drew WELL off the wicks to avoid false breaks) which came together to form an ascending bullish wedge. Continue reading

2012/10/24 USDJPY Wednesday 13
Repeating a successful long trade

A few things to mention about this trade: we set the resistance well off the wicks by using a longer-term connection point to avoid false breaks. We also were reloading on the long flag pole (which we had already booked profit after) consolidation pattern. Continue reading

2013/05/03 USDJPY Friday 60
Keeping a short open vs. booking profit.

In this example we decided to keep our short open (after the break of the blue trending support line), rather than book profit and close the trade. Closing and re-entering usually means less profits, and a risk of false break on the re-entry. Continue reading

2012/06/14 USDJPY Thursday 65
Aggressive short, closed for small profit before the weekend

This was a longer-term, well-tested support line, that only went sideways after the break, but we did close out for 15 pips before the weekend. Continue reading

2012/06/07 USDJPY Thursday 15
Double-pullback leads to solid resistance for a 100 pip rise.

After a 300 pip drop over the past week double-pullback gave us a solid falling resistance, with three solid candles (low wicks). We rode the resistance break for 60 pips but could have grabbed much more as the pair continued upward for many days. Continue reading

2013/01/07 EURUSD Monday 60
Drawing an aggressive support, off the wicks, after a major support break

After the major break of 1.3150 (price had been consolidating above this level for weeks), we drew an aggressive support, well off th wicks to avoid false breaks, which was broken and hit all targets for 80 pips profit. Continue reading

2013/01/03 EURUSD Thursday 80
Using a 100 pip take-profit

This break led to slow but methodical walk towards our 100 pip TP. Continue reading

2012/02/13 EURUSD Monday 100
Horizontal Resistance with graduated stop-loss

In this example not only did we use a graduated SL, moving our open long to lock in 50 pips profit while targeting 90, we entered on a horizontal resistance (normally a no-no) due to the strong resistance of 1.33. Continue reading

2012/02/24 EURUSD Friday 90
Closing and reversing

Here is a great example where we were looking to close and reverse if our rising support was broken. Both trades closed in the profit for 140 pips total. Continue reading

2012/02/15 EURUSD Wednesday 140
Trading against the trend

Trading against the trend, even with a well establish S/R line, is always more aggressive than trading with the trend. Here you can see an aggressive short taken, well off the pips, on an establish support that hit full SL of -53 pips. Continue reading

2013/06/28 USDCHF Friday -53
False break saves us 42 pips

Here is a good example of taking an aggressive long on a possible bullish trend change, with the false break detection closing out shortly after the open for a 7.9 pip loss (instead of a full 50 SL). Continue reading

2013/06/20 USDCHF Thursday -8
Taking an aggressive S/R in the direction of the trend

This was an aggressive support due to the long wicks that preceded it, but it was helped by the downward trend of the past few weeks, as well as several long-term tops put in under 9800 in mid-May. Continue reading

2013/06/06 USDCHF Thursday 80
Longer-term support break

An example of a longer-term support break that was preceded by a bullish extinction candle, overreaching to get to 1.30 putting further downward pressure on the downside break. Continue reading

2012/11/27 EURUSD Tuesday 48
Descending Triangle

Here is a classic example of where we traded a bearish wedge in either direction, and netted 60 pips. Continue reading

2013/05/02 USDJPY Thursday 60
Drawing a falling resistance

This is a classic falling resistance in the midst of a nice, zig-zagging market. Continue reading

2012/02/27 AUDUSD Monday 80
Aggressive S/R lines

Here is another example of an aggressive resistance that got stopped out. Notice how much closer to the wicks we are on this trade? A resistance with more wick padding might not have been triggered, saving us 50 pips. Continue reading

2012/02/21 AUDUSD Tuesday -50
Aggressive S/R lines

Using an aggressive rising support, in this case, let us catch the downward movement in an obviously zig-zagging market. The aggressive S/R also got us a good entry price, allowing us to capture more pips on the drop. Continue reading

2012/02/15 AUDUSD Wednesday 95
Using a trailing stop

Here we used a 50 pip trailing stop, locking in 10 pips of profit with our SL when the trade got 60 pips into the profit. Continue reading

2012/02/13 AUDUSD Monday 10

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