Welcome to CandlePRO!

CP is one of the most advanced, most tested trading strategies available today - to retailers and big players both.

All of PipHut's trading tools are designed with the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!) strategy - we don't like loading down our charts and our decision making process with dozens of indicators, or trying to guess how the market will react to the same piece of news it reacted to last week.

While CP can be used as a KISS strategy, sometimes newcomers can feel overwhelmed by all the options and data available to them. While this data (backtesting, median profit, average loss, S/R charts, etc) may be instantly important to you if you are a somewhat seasoned trader, for you beginners you will want to ease yourself into the advanced stuff.

Enter this guide.

The purpose of this guide is to walk the new user through some easy and profitable strategies that can be used right away - even if you are new to forex. We include many examples and try to be as clear as we can, but if you still have any questions simply type them into the bottom of any page where it says "Have a question? Ask it below". Your questions will be available to other members so that you can learn from other's questions and vice-versa. These pages are NOT intended to be the exhaustive user guide of everything CandlePRO can do. Lucky for you we've built that into the system in the form of help bubbles, available to you at every turn if you want them:

Whether you realize it or not, you always trade with a strategy. For beginners that strategy is often "swinging in the dark", or maybe you read a few websites with so-called "experts" offering some strategy of the day. None of those strategies are based on historical evidence, meaning that even if they do work for a short period of time they most likely will not work beyond a few weeks.

Here are some time-tested strategies that you can quickly get started with using CandlePRO:

Using CandlePRO

  1. Trend Trading
  2. Pullback Strategy
  3. S/R Strategy
  4. More CandlePRO Strategies