CandlePROversion 4.1

Powerful 10-Year Backtesting Engine,

Flexible Research and Alert Options

The ultimate - and original - candlestick trading tool. CandlePRO is for advanced and "do-it-yourself" type traders who want the freedom to build their own system using the power of candlestick chart patterns.

What does CandlePRO do?


  • Detect

    Detects 14 distinct, high-probability chart patterns across five different currency pairs and five different chart timeframes (from 15m to daily charts). That means this powerful scanner is simultaneously scanning 25 separate charts

  • Backtest

    Once a pattern is detected, for example a "Three Inside Up" pattern, it is sent to CandlePRO's powerful Backtesting Engine, which ranks chart patterns according to their formation strength and backtests TP and SL levels against patterns of a similar formation strength (because a shooting start at the top of a long, exhausting rally is different than a shooting star in the middle of a range)

  • Alert

    Alerting you to the new pattern and the backtesting results. CandlePRO, just like SwingPRO, can be configured to send signals to your email or SMS address as the occur, so you no longer have to sit in front of the charts constantly.

  • Research

    Finally, CandlePRO is also a tremendously powerful research tool. Using CandlePRO's Research Tool you can backtest the different patterns, for different timeframes and pairs, using your own TP and SL levels. See how your strategies would have performed without risking any capitol in the market.

CandlePRO is liking having a team of analysts at your disposal, constantly finding and testing different patterns, and letting you know if they meet your criteria.

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